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  Course overview


In this brief introductory module, we provide you with an overview of the COPE online training program developed out of the 2017 National Perinatal Mental Health Guideline: Mental Health in the Perinatal Period: Australian Clinical Practice Guideline.

This course is made up of three core modules:

  • An overview of mental health disorders in the perinatal period
  • Psychosocial assessment and screening
  • Referral and treatment

We briefly provide an overview of the course and Module content, outline the objectives and explain how you can use this training to improve your practice. We will also provide you with details of how to complete the course and obtain accreditation.

Estimated Time: Complete at your own pace within 6 weeks


This program is funded by the Australian Government

Lesson links

1. Guidelines Expert Committee Members (click on the link)

2. Online Training Matrix (click on the link) - Initially developed under the National Perinatal Depression Initiative (NPDI)

3. Mental Health in the Perinatal Period (click on the link)

Module 0_Welcome and Overview_Transcript.pdf